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streets here in san jose. we'll show you more that have tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. dozens of residents who could not make it to the memorial in san jose were still able to come together and watch the event in the officer's hometown. people filed in and out to pay respects to their officers. >> i wanted to be with the community. i have a friend says only thing that needs to be healed is this sense of separation. >> this was the original site and officers from other cities patrolled so its officers could attend the memorial. >> memorial bracelets are available. metal tag engraved with badge numbers costing 15s skpdz a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the officers memorial fund. a scholarship fund has been established in honor of the officers business vdz committed $125,000. if you would like to make a donation we have a link for this and the bracelets for you on our web site abc 7 >> rain held off until after the funeral. it's moving onshore, now. >> light rainfalling in san jose. our radar along with national weather
with information to contact san jose police. >> there are no reports of injury or damage after two earthquakes struck mexico this morning. the tumbler hit just after 7:00 a.m. that is followed by a 5.1 quake minutes later. >> coming up one retail tail jer adding lockers for shop years and debate over fireproof furniture. a firefighter now fighting to keep it out of your home. >> i'm sandhya patel. sprinkles and showers in the forecast. will they affect your plans? find out in a few minute autos thank you. >> then from michael finney >>> officials investigating the cause of an early morning blaze that raged through six apartments near san jose avenue. one firefighter suffered a minor injury. the fire burned through upper floors of the building. >> a former san francisco firefighter went to sacramento today to try to get fire retardant furniture out of your home. abc 7 news explains why. >> too late for this again rigs of foorts many firefighters have long been pushing to change what is called technical bulletin 117. a state regulation adopted requiring foam, furniture to withstand a 12-second e
at henry cal state park. san jose officials are celebrating their first police academy to graduate with 43 new recruits. the union says many more officers are still needed. we're live in san jose for us. >> there is still four more months before new recruits can work alone here in san jose. police are -- residents are hopeful more police will mean less crime. the police officers hared in with their heads held high, music of bag pipes. 43 are here to receive their badges and be sworn in. this is the first police academy class to graduate since 2009. on the streets residents like freedar happy more officers will soon hit streets. >> as a senior, i don't like to go out after dark because i'm afraid. i don't like what i see on the streets. >> these recruits have gone through six months of rig plus training. >> i've just been excited about trying to do this. now i'm focused on trying to accomplish the next step, which is fco phase. >> it's field training. the graduation of these 43 recruits ais a small step to try to feel vacancies in the department since cuts forced massive layoffs two years a
. this time san jose police opened fire on a suspect yesterday afternoon. they say he rammed at least three police cars. investigators say the suspect got out of the car, and officers opened fire nice thought he was concealing something and perceived a threat. >> an investigation is underway after an officer-involved shooting yesterday morning in san francisco. a daly city police officer shot a man to death. officers say the armed driver tried to run from the car and raised a gun at them. >>> there is a strong show of support online tonight for tuesday santa cruz police officers killed in the line of dutiy. people are offering condolences and worlds of support on a facebook page created in the memory of loren baker and elizabeth butler. they were killed on duty tuesday. officers killed the suspect, jeremy goulet, and a shootout a short time later. businesses in the area are showing support for the police department. one restaurant is offering officers three meals and -- free meals. >> hundreds of abc viewers have been sending condolences on our face book page. >> a memorial for detective bu
. the 68-year-old is a former baltimore police commissioner who served on the san jose police force. he can spend city funds, oversee top commanders and the chief and his deputies. >> in less than 48 hours the cardinals of the roman catholic church will cast their first ballot in the conclave to elect a new pope. reporter: from the pews, to the pulpit. >> , on this the second consecutive sunday without a pope, prayers center enon the weighty decision ahead for he 115 cardinals who will elect the next leader of the roman catholic church. >> let's pray the holy spirit helps us choose the next pope. reporter: boston's cardinal sean o'malley stepped into the role of parry priest today. celebrating mass at their honorary churches throughout rome. this is their day of rest after six long days of speeches during the general congregation meeting, many say they have now narrowed their options. >> a week ago we said we have a lot of work to do. now you see a sense of resignation and trust and fight. >> with -- trust and faith. >> in is no obvious front runner bus factions are growing. the reformers s
growth. exception is san jose. david louie joins to us explain. >> some are suffering from a case ever sagging supply and demand. the number of flights operating here as dropped for the past five years. down 3% just in the past year which led to a kor spending nearly 1% drop in passenger traffic. $1.3 billion went into building a terminal b modernizing terminal a. this gets high marks for appearance and convenience. >> it's clean, nice. fast. and i live in san francisco. and you can get back and north a cab. sometimes you get stuck in traffic. it's not faster. >> you can tell from a few shuttered restaurants that the expanded airport isn't operating anywhere close to capacity. eight million passengers flew and n.and out last year. a new common used lounge called the club is an example of the facilities built to draw more passengers. good news is that virgin america is coming to san jose in may. and al-nippon plans to resume tokyo flights. >> we have tremendous capacity here and we're well positioned for the future. we're seeing that airlines are recognizing we're a good fit. >> slugs m
arrives tomorrow, our live camera from san jose shows clouds moving in. sandhya patel joins us now with a look. sandhya? >> things are starting to change quickly. as i show you, you'll see sprinkles, and some light showers right now. up in the north bay, i'm going to take new closer here so you can get a closer look as to where we're seeing light returns around lakeville. we're also seeing light nod rit rain around shellville, napa road down to street level here. we're looking at some heavier returns. not all of this is reaching the ground around napa road, highway 12, and as i pull out here i want to show what you is just off the coast line. moisture about 62 miles from san francisco getting here in the next couple hours. so steady rain coming up as you can sthee animation here. we'll see steadier rain in overnight hours continuing then at 5:00 a.m. scattered showers for the start of the commute by 1:00 p.m. cold front coming through the bay area but starts to fall. we're looking at light to moderate rain. i'll let you know how much rain we'll receive here and how long you'll need
. >> california state controller john chung ruled san jose officials illegally transferred land, set aside for the ballpark. the redevelopment agency just before the government dissolves the department. >> they just have a's or city lease it back. >> during a meeting the a's owner laid out his face for the aren't team needs to move south to survive. >> our zbol hopefully to come to the one site that we have discovered, the thing that we can relocate in downtown san jose. >> the mayor defends transfer asks vows the city will secure the land for a paul bark. >> all clear tonight. golden gate park after a hand grenade was found this afternoon. >> a man using a metal detector found what appears to be an old explosive near mallard lake near martin luther king drive. it's no more and no longer a threat. >> employees are asking for help to identify a man who assaulted a woman then tried to kidnap her. police say a man that looks like this attacked a woman the man described as five 10, 200 pounds grabbed a woman ask tried to choke her, she escaped and ran to a parking lot chased by at tacker. -- a
hiz floom a complex in san jose. it was discovered by his granddaughter under a pile of clothes and blankets. police say jacobsen had been dead about a month. investigators say butler may have been defrauding jacobsen for insurance money. >>> a group of lawmakers is closer to banning gun shows from the cow palace. mark leno prop yogs a law requiring supervisors to both give okay for any gun show to be held at the venue. the cow palace is on land owned by the state. >> last six months, within two miles from this very location here we have had 75 gun-related crimes. >> gun show organizer dz not return calls for comment. they say the gun show is the most popular show in the nation. >> 11 bay area mothers going to take their message to washington next wednesday. the group moms take the hill will urge lawmakers and the white thousands pass legislation banning assault weapons and enact stricter background checks. the coalition formed following a school shooting in newtown, connecticut. members say congress needs to act soon. >> just trying to make sure that nobody else gets hurt. ther
department in san jose speaking with investigators both will be home tonight together. we know that baby gabby turns one on friday. at santa clara valley medical center, nick smith abc 7 news. >> thank you so much, nick. santa clara county officials calling their second gun buy back of the year a success. officials collected 610 guns including 17 assault-style weapons and 225 handguns they paid $60,000 for the people who no lock longer wanted the firearms. more than 1100 guns were purchased at the first buy back. >> the family of a bay area marine killed in a shooting is making plans now to go to washington to retrieve her remains. investigators say the 19-year-old was shot to death thursday by a 25-year-old tactics instructor sargeant lopez from pacifica. also accused of killing a fellow marine from mississippi. the shooting may have stemmed from a romantic entanglement. >> the under the circumstances us supreme court will begin hearing arguments in two same-sex marriage case that's could have an impact across the country ai. woman and her lesbian partner will be sitting in reserved sea
of san jose. they want congress to pass immigration reform. and there is as jesus christ is said to have washed feet after posels. >> for us in one tradition a christian tradition is a sign of service and humility. for those who are contributing to our lives is. >>> a survey shows there is growing support for undocumented imgrabts to stay in the]i country if they meet certain roirnltz. >> some drivers adapting well to the all electronic tolling system and snoks went way too fast into the toll plaza. and today, they did slow down. also, 15 confused drivers got a talking to through the loud speaker to keep moving that. is down from the 70 confused drivers yesterday. >> that is working well, you've got to expect a little bit of confusion. >> yes. >> still ahead at 5:00 major discount retailer enlitsing shoppers to do some of its dirty work. >> what are the obstacles preventing working mothers from having it all? a lawmaker steps up to change. >> will it make a difference? the reason chevron's >>> president obama made it clear he wants to improve early childhood education. nancy pelosi call
sunny there. san jose, 72. san carl yots, 5 degrees. from our camera high clouds there in the distance. here are the temperatures. it's 76 degrees in fairfield. warm out there, still. dense coastal fog tonight. high clouds tomorrow mixing in with sun and a dry pattern lasting throughout the weekend. here is a look at pacific satellite picture. today warmest in next several day days, temperatures will be coming down a few degrees tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning you'll want to watch out for some patches of dense fog along the coast. temperatures mid 40s and low 50s tomorrow we'll start off with fog as mentioned and it will pull away. 70s inland. 7 in the south bay in san jose. beautiful day on the peninsula. low 70s in palo alto and mountain view. you can see the fog there. maybe a patch, two hanging around into early afternoon. 65 in downtown san francisco. north bay, mid-70s around nef vatto 73 in santa rosa. east bay communities 67 in oakland, inland and you're still going to get a chance to enjoy the warmth. 75 in livermore. my accu-weather forecast showing you those temperature
but raums have the power to keep it going. >> san jose police hoping home security cameras can help them solve the city's ninth homicide of the year plea, say someone called 911 to report a man had been shot at about 4:30 this morning. the victim died at the scene. investigators are reaching out to neighbors to see if it shooting was maybe caught on video. in san francisco, police trying to determine how a man found crushed to death inside of a bart elevator managed to get into the elevator in the first place. the homeless man apparently was sleeping on top of the elevator with his personal belongs. >> cardinals gathered today before the conclave gets underway tomorrow. david ono how some go in a pope others come out a cardinal it was the final chance to have their say before it's time to vote. one last opportunity to speak out. >> this process immediately before going into this sistine chapel to do voting is trying to assess, you know those that are phone shall candidates and get a clear sense of who they would like to vote for. >> that process has begun from drapes to conclave staff we
. the state public relations board filed a complaint against the city of san jose claiming it did not negotiate adequately with city workers before putting the pension reform plan up for a public vote. the mayor strongly disagrees. >> they're complaining about negotiations prior to putting a major b on the ballot. they had hundreds of hours of negotiations we had 20 sessions with state mediators. >> the board will try to get two sides to settle. if that fails would go before a judge. >> a bay area accountant says his life will never be the same after being wrongly accused by police. the picture posted on the most-wanted in oakland for about a month. more on a mistake that turned his life upside down. >> you know the claims are dramatic. his attorney says any law abiding citizen's worst nightmare. it may be up to a judge to decide if accusations are true. >> a friend called me and said i was on the news for a shooting. i can i'm like this must be a joke. >> van wasn't laughing. he says in february of last year his friends told him he was wanted for a shooting. they'd seen this mug
morning. so here's a look at the highs tomorrow. bring us down a few more degrees. 68, san jose, santa clara, 69. at the coast, upper 50s. half moon bay, the high clouds will continue to increase tomorrow. 66, palo alto. san francisco tomorrow, 62. north bay, probably looking to see as many 70s tomorrow. mid-to-upper 60s. napa, 68. increasing clouds for oakland. 67 there. and interior east bay, 70 for liver mr. and 7 to for pittsburg. things are cooling down monday, thickening clouds tuesday, rain begins late tuesday afternoon, starts overnight. go with rain wednesday morning, followed by afternoon showers. thursday, breeze y day, and friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures warm back into the 70s. abc7 news as another great weather resource for you. follow us on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, plus get video forecasts, "spare the air", power outage information and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. wednesday, first day of spring. >> hard to believe it's here. mike shumann is here with a preview of sports. >> mike: selection sunday was kind to our local t
. heading down towards the south bay, let's zoom in closer here in san jose. east of that area, piedmont road seeing light to moderate showers. and a few showers, spotty being picked up. winter weather advisory from santa rosa 89/100ths of an inch. a third of an inch in oakland and redwood city. we do have more showers in the forecast and timing is in just a few minutes. ama? >> sandhya, thank you. a street hard hit by a water main break is struggling to recover tonight this, is what it looked like last weekend. since then, homes have been red tagged and sink holes discovered. the mayor came out and we are live with that. heather? >> the mayor and others got a look at what has become a disaster site them got to see its relationship to the damaged homes. and they got to meet the victims themselves face-to-face. this is not a neighborhood that will be back to normal any time soon. the main break is only the beginning of what will be a m-long process of repairing utilities and doing soil testing all across the neighborhood to see if red and yellow tagged homes can be saved. will more sink h
. >> this is a case being closely watched by members of san jose vietnamese-american kmuchblt -- community. after pleading no contest to embezzling 200,000s frdz his business, clients showed up last year to find the office closed. prosecutors say he ran the company into insol conveniencey expecting he used some money to fund a team of gamblers. stephanie lee admitted to helping with the scheme. victim victims paid thousands in premiums on the promise their loved ones would get death benefits after they died. >> they now feel they loflt everything. that mikes me sad. they heart inside. >> he has been ordered to pay restitution but many are skeptical he has money left to pay them. nearly a million taxpayers missing out on refunds and time now running out to claim the mb. irs holding $917 million in unclaimed tax refunds. if you forgot to follow a return you could be entitled to part of the money. you must file by april 15th of this year or the money goes back the u.s. treasury for good. many on the list are low income taxpayers not required to file returns but already entitled to a tax refund. >> i
, it's not out of the ordinary. san francisco 58 right now. it's 66 degrees in san jose. and as we check out highlights you'll see great looking weekend, clear, cool overnight. rain chances have been pushed back. why in the accu-weather forecast in just a moment and here an area of high pressure going to provide with us a dry pattern for the weekend and into next week before seeing changes come here, tomorrow, tonight we're going see clear skies into tomorrow high clouds will just will spill into the top of high pressure so we'll call it filtered lichblt -- sunshine. temperatures on the cool side fchl have you plans 38 in santa rogsa. low to mid-40s under clear skies. and tomorrow afternoon, check out highs. comfortable 70 degrees in san jose. 65 in san ma dayo los altos close to 70 degrees. clear near the coast upper 50s along the coastline. we'll go with 60s, 70s except along the immediate coast. stintson beach 57 degrees up to 69 in santa rosa. so east bay communities 58 in oakland. up to 70s in antioch. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. it's a nice mild weekend of sp
moon bay, 52. san jose, 66. here's another shot of a nice afternoon. this is from the high definition mt. tamalpais camera. and right now santa rosa, 69. 72 in livermore, fairfield, and, and hayward, 62. things are about to change for us. scattered clouds overnight tonight. partly cloudy conditions for your monday afternoon, and then showers likely across much of the bay area as we head into the latter part of the work week, lows tonight, coming up a few more degrees because the clouds will filter in. so generally in the north and east bay locations, near 40 degrees, and warmer towards san francisco, and richmond you see there overnight tonight, 47 degrees with clouds. so here's the setup. a nice spring weekend thanks to this area of high pressure. as it pushes off towards the east. more cloud will start to fill in tomorrow, and we're going to keep a close eye on this area of low pressure and cold front because this could wing out -- wring out a few showers. this is monday. by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, clouds on the increase. check out tuesday. tuesday morning commute looks dry. but lo
, public schoolteacher and a retired san jose city employee. the office will have a list available tomorrow. the election will be held june 4th. >> there is a surprise for several u.s. senators visiting mexican border today therk wanted to look at what challenges faced and saw a woman scale the 18 foot fence trying to run down into the city. border patrol took her into custody. the senators watched it from just down the street. this tour is part of a group working on an overhaul of immigration law autos airlines getting personal about wae. a touchy question could cost you money. >> giants opening day is almost here. today, how fans will be plugged in this season. >> what is behind a push to get visitors >>> i coalition of groups launched a campaign to ban the sale of bottled water at golden gate national recreation area. vic? >> this local initiative is part of a ngsal campaign to ban the sale of disposable water bottles and national parks around the country. >> their campaign called think outside of the bottle. the group is now targeting the area and yosemite saying disposable water bottle
into mid to upper 70s, 74 degrees in san jose. 76 morgan hill. 72 in redwood city. and palo alto. low 60s on the coast and downtown san francisco up to 68 degrees tomorrow, temperatures will, upper north bay, highs into mid-70s, 75 in santa rosa and napa. inland east bay highs in mid-70s. and here is the accu-weather forecast. it becomes cloudy on saturday. a chance of sprinkles. it does remain mild over the weekend despite clouds but it turns cooler monday and remaining cooler()Ñq with highs only around 60 degrees and rainy weather tuesday. and wednesday. >> becomes lion like next week. >> this is driest area on record. >> one of the driest in san francisco, january, february. one of the three driest on record. >> all right. >> more ahead including an answer to why people get this. >> an amazing break through, new at 6:00 researchers developing a tool for reading minds of mice that could lead to treatments for alzheimer's. that sat 6:00. we'll be right back here. blp >>> a study finds bacteria that causes acne lives on everybody's skin but only one in five people get pimples. good strai
will be into low 40s. and high temperatures in the low to mid-60s up to 63 in san jose. low 60s in pal yos yoe alto. downtown san francisco, a high of 58 tomorrow, 56 in the north bay district. 61 in napa. east bay highs 62 in oakland. 61 fremont. inland east bay, 62 at concord and walnut creek. here is the accu-weather forecast. rainy weather wednesday. showers lingering into thursday. cool wednesday and thursday with highs only into 50s across the bay area, then we can get milder and drier weather over the weekend. sunny skies and high temperatures up to about 70 degrees. you can follow weather conditions at live doppler 7 on twitter for latest conditions rain or shine. get video forecast, power outage information and weather tweets from your favorite weather team, certainly mine. >> thank you. >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next, fbi files show why witness any houston may have wanted to hire her own bodyguard not just like in the movie. >> the fate of sunset magazine after reports of a big corporate break up that >>> a gull is getting rest after nearly choking to death because of
2404 took off from san jose international airport just after 11:00 a.m. just about 20 minute nootz flight about 20,000 feet into the air. the captain noticed the right engine on fire. the second aircraft was used to complete the flight to boise. >> a registered sex offender arrested this morning after police say he broke into a woman's home while she leapt. the 29-year-old is on probation for burglary. he was wearing an ankle bracelet when taken into custody. police say the woman awoke to find an intruder in the bed room. she was able to describe the suspect. police found him nearby. investigators say he had womens' under wear in his pocket. >> police need help identifying a woman found dead 25 years ago. investigators hoping this will help someone recognize the african american woman about 40 years old when her body was discovered in 1988. police say there was nofdz of foul play. these personal effects found on her including a necklace with the letter "f", watches and a pink sweater could help someone identify her, anyone with information is asked to contact the antioch police dep
. we're seeing clouds around. temperatures now looking like 56 in san francisco. 65 degrees in san jose. 54 in half moon bay. it's foggy now. visibility down to three quarters of a mile. some flakes some resorts today reporting 10-14 inches, sugar bowl, 10 inches. livermore reporting 60 degrees, here is a look at what is coming up. clouds, fog and drizzle tonight. sunny windy tomorrow, mild inland hitting the weekend. this is a cold front we're receiving. we'll go with spotty drizzle this evening and winds down as you can see here, spots of drizzle by 10:00 or 11:00 just lingering clouds and some fog showing up as welling, temperatures starting hout cooler upper 30s into coldest inland valleys. most other areas beginning in the 40s here is a look at the highs for thursday. sunny skies, breezy in the south bay. p pin anyone slarks windy at times. 56 degrees around half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 60 degrees. you'll feel the wind up to 40 miles per hour at times. 55 in daily city. and looking at north bay communities windy along the coast. 65 santa rosa. clear lake 60 degrees, east
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24